Everything you need to know about AWS Re:Invent 2023 announcements.

Each year, AWS Re:Invent revolutionizes the tech landscape by introducing a myriad of new features and services. This year's announcements, marked by groundbreaking innovations, are summarized here.

Special thanks to Pierre-Yves Gillier - Solutions Architect at AWS - for his contribution to this article.

Amazon Redshift Serverless

Preview - with AI-driven scaling and optimizations

Amazon Redshift serverless - Amazon Web Services
Amazon Redshift Serverless makes it easier to run and scale analytics in seconds without having to set up, manage, or scale data warehouse infrastructure.

Vector Engine for Amazon OpenSearch Serverless

A simple, scalable, and high-performing vector database which makes it easier to build ML-augmented search experiences and generative AI applications.

Vector Storage and Search - Vector Engine for Amazon OpenSearch Serverless - AWS
Get simple, scalable, high-performing and cost-efficient vector similarity search to power your generative AI applications with the vector engine for Amazon OpenSearch Serverless.

AWS B2B Data Interchange

AWS B2B Data Interchange automates the exchange of EDI-based business-critical transactions at scale, with elasticity and pay-as-you-go pricing. B2B Data Interchange reduces the time, complexity, and costs incurred to build and manage EDI with trading partners, letting you focus on using the transacted data to gain insights

B2B Data Interchange

Amazon One Enterprise

Preview - Amazon One Enterprise is a palm-based biometric identity service that allows you to strengthen your organization’s security, optimize operations, and deliver a more convenient, contactless employee experience across the workplace.

Amazon One Enterprise — Amazon Web Services

AWS Supply Chain

N-Tier Visibility

Pre-announce - Extends visibility and insights beyond your organization to your external trading partners

Supply Chain Optimization — AWS Supply Chain — Amazon Web Services
AWS Supply Chain is a cloud-based application that unifies data, provides ML-powered actionable insights, and offers built-in contextual collaboration.

Supply Planning

Pre-announce - Forecasts and plans purchases of raw materials, components, and finished goods.

Supply Chain Optimization — AWS Supply Chain — Amazon Web Services
AWS Supply Chain is a cloud-based application that unifies data, provides ML-powered actionable insights, and offers built-in contextual collaboration.

Amazon EC2 R8g Instances

Preview - Memory optimized instances powered by AWS Graviton4 processors.

Amazon EC2 R8g instances – AWS

AWS re:Post Private

AWS re:Post Private is your own private space to collaborate within your company and with AWS. With re:Post Private, it is easier for you to build an organization-specific cloud community that drives efficiencies at scale and provides access to valuable knowledge resources. Additionally, re:Post Private centralizes trusted AWS technical content and offers private discussion forums to improve how your teams collaborate internally—and with AWS—to remove technical obstacles, accelerate innovation, and scale more efficiently in the cloud.

Knowledge Management and Collaboration – AWS re:Post Private – AWS
Accelerate cloud adoption, improve productivity, and drive innovation and collaboration with a knowledge resource built for your organization’s cloud community with AWS re:Post Private.

Amazon ElastiCache Serverless

Simplifies cache management and instantly scales to support the most demanding applications

Redis and Memcached-Compatible Cache – Amazon ElastiCache – Amazon Web Services
Amazon ElastiCache is a fully managed Redis- and Memcached-compatible service delivering real-time, cost-optimized performance for modern applications with 99.99% availability.

Amazon RDS

Aurora Limitless Database

Limited preview - Scale Amazon Aurora clusters to millions of write transactions per second and manage petabytes of data while maintaining the simplicity of operating inside a single database.

OLTP Database, MySQL And PostgreSQL Managed Database - Amazon Aurora - AWS
Amazon Aurora is a global-scale relational database service built for the cloud with full MySQL and PostgreSQL compatibility.

DB2 support

Set up, operate, and scale a Db2 database in the cloud with just a few clicks

Db2 Database – Amazon RDS for Db2 – AWS
Amazon RDS for Db2 is a fully managed, secure relational database that makes it easier to set up, operate, and scale Db2 deployments in the cloud.

MySQL zero-ETL integration with Amazon Redshift

Preview - Access transactional data from Amazon RDS for MySQL to run analytics and machine learning (ML) on petabytes of data in Amazon Redshift.

Hosted MySQL - Amazon RDS for MySQL - AWS
Amazon RDS for MySQL, the relational database service that makes it easy to set up, operate, and scale MySQL deployments in the cloud.

Aurora PostgreSQL zero-ETL integration with Amazon Redshift

Preview - Enables near real-time analytics and machine learning (ML) using Amazon Redshift on transactional data from Amazon Aurora.

Zero-ETL Integration – Amazon Aurora with Amazon Redshift - AWS
Amazon Aurora zero-ETL integration with Amazon Redshift enables near real-time analytics on petabytes of transactional data by eliminating the need for customers to build and maintain complex data pipelines performing extract, transform, and load (ETL) operation.

Amazon Neptune Analytics

High-performance analytics database engine and a serverless database engine for superior scalability and availability

Managed Graph Database - Amazon Neptune - AWS
Amazon Neptune is a fast, fully managed database service powering graph use cases such as identity graphs, knowledge graphs, and fraud detection.

Amazon WorkSpaces Thin Client

Amazon WorkSpaces Thin Client improves end-user and IT staff productivity—supporting a wide range of end users with cost-effective, secure, easy-to-manage access to virtual desktops.

Amazon WorkSpaces Thin Client - AWS


A fun and intuitive hands-on, generative AI app-building playground.


AWS HealthScribe

AWS HealthScribe is a HIPAA-eligible service empowering healthcare software vendors to build clinical applications that use speech recognition and generative AI to automatically generate preliminary clinical documentation. It automatically create clinical notes from patient-clinician conversations using generative AI.

Generate clinical notes with AI – AWS HealthScribe – AWS
Automatically generate clinical notes by analyzing patient-clinician conversations in your applications.

Amazon Q

Preview - Your generative AI assistant designed for work that can be tailored to your business, data, code, and operations.

Generative AI Powered Assistant - Amazon Q - AWS
Learn about AWS’ generative AI powered assistant Amazon Q to get fast, relevant answers to pressing questions, generate content, and take actions using the data and expertise found in your company’s information repositories, code, and enterprise systems.

Amazon SageMaker


Amazon SageMaker HyperPod is purpose-built to accelerate foundation model (FM) training, removing the undifferentiated heavy-lifting involved in managing and optimizing a large training compute cluster. With SageMaker HyperPod, you can train FMs for weeks and months without disruption. To make FM training more resilient to hardware failures, SageMaker HyperPod continually monitors cluster health, repairs and replaces faulty nodes on the fly, and saves frequent checkpoints to automatically resume training without losing progress. SageMaker HyperPod is preconfigured with SageMaker distributed training libraries that allow ML practitioners to improve FM training performance by making it easier to split training data and FMs into smaller chunks. These smaller chunks are processed in parallel across the cluster nodes, while fully using the cluster’s compute and network infrastructure.

Amazon SageMaker HyperPod - AWS
Amazon SageMaker HyperPod provides a purpose-built infrastructure for distributed training at scale, accelerating foundation model development for generative AI innovation.

VS code support in Amazon SageMaker Studio

A single web-based interface for end-to-end machine learning (ML) development.

Machine Learning Service - Amazon SageMaker Studio - AWS
Amazon SageMaker Studio is a web-based integrated development environment (IDE) that lets you prepare data and build, train, deploy, and monitor your machine learning models.

AWS Clean Rooms ML

Preview - Apply machine learning with your partners without sharing underlying data.

Privacy-Enhancing Machine Learning - AWS Clean Rooms ML - AWS
Explore AWS Clean Rooms ML, which helps companies run machine learning lookalike models with their partners without sharing underlying data.

Amazon GuardDuty

EC2 Runtime Monitoring

Preview - Fully managed threat detection visibility for Amazon EC2 instances at runtime

Intelligent Threat Detection - Amazon GuardDuty - AWS
Amazon GuardDuty is a threat detection service that monitors for malicious activity and anomalous behavior to protect AWS accounts, workloads, and data.

ECS Runtime Monitoring

Gain visibility into potential threats to your Amazon ECS workloads—including serverless workloads on AWS Fargate.

Intelligent Threat Detection - Amazon GuardDuty - AWS
Amazon GuardDuty is a threat detection service that monitors for malicious activity and anomalous behavior to protect AWS accounts, workloads, and data.

Amazon EFS Archive storage class

A cost-effective way to retain cold, rarely-accessed data so that it’s always available to power new business insights.

Shared File Storage - Amazon Elastic File System (EFS) - AWS
Amazon Elastic File System (EFS) provides a simple, scalable fully managed elastic NFS file system for AWS compute instances.

Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP scale-out file systems

Launch and run fully managed, fully-featured ONTAP file systems in the cloud.

File Server - Amazon FSx - AWS
Amazon FSx makes it easy and cost effective to launch, run, and scale feature-rich, high-performance file systems in the cloud. It supports a wide range of workloads with its reliability, security, scalability, and broad set of capabilities. Amazon FSx is built on the latest AWS compute, networking, and disk technologies to provide high performance and lower TCO. And as a fully managed service, it handles hardware provisioning, patching, and backups -- freeing you up to focus on your applications, your end users, and your business.

Amazon S3 Express One Zone

The Amazon S3 Express One Zone storage class is purpose-built to deliver the fastest cloud object storage for performance-critical applications that demand consistent single-digit millisecond request latency.

High-Performance Storage – S3 Express One Zone – AWS
S3 Express One Zone storage class delivers the fastest cloud object storage for performance-critical applications demanding single-digit millisecond latency.

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